Ecommerce marketing is a complex, broad, and diverse niche ranging from pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and SEO, to blogging, link building and analytics. The primary goal here is to identify which activities, tactics, and promotions are going to generate the most profits for your organisation.

Experts have learned that ecommerce marketers should develop certain skills to make them even more useful to their brand. These skills consisted of strategic capabilities that ecommerce marketers need today.

With that said, here are the top five skills you need to learn to become the marketer your ecommerce organisation needs right now.

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Content Marketing

Having the ability to write compelling content is one of the most important skills ecommerce marketers can learn today.

Every description, blog post, article, about us page, and even video script concerning an ecommerce product involves the act of writing. When you can do this well, content can really help drive your ecommerce brand.

Failing to be good at writing interesting content can make your organisation the laughing stock in your niche. That is why you should know how to write quality content for your marketing to be successful (or have someone on your team who can).

Data Analysis

Successful ecommerce marketers regularly analyse statistics and facts so that they can continue making good decisions on what to invest in with regards to marketing and promotion.

The ability to assess and understand these metrics is called data analysis and is a vital skill you should have as a modern ecommerce marketer.

According to an article by Harvard Business Review, three observations were reported on the impact marketing analytics have on businesses:

  1. Companies are planning to increase marketing analytics investment in the coming years
  2. Data analysis is influencing many aspects of marketing including customer retention, segmentation, customer acquisition, promotion tactics, and social media
  3. Marketing organisations lack the effectiveness in analysing data as they should be

Ecommerce marketers who can effectively utilise and understand such data more than their competitors have a higher chance of success.

Data Collection and Testing

Picking up from the previous skill, the ability to gather statistics and facts concerning the marketing performance of a company is highly relevant for ecommerce marketers today.

Such marketing skill covers being able to properly set up tools like Google Analytics and optimise your ecommerce business by using specific and meaningful reports.

It encompasses understanding the importance of testing and using various methods of testing. This also includes having the ability to obtain data from software packages used by your organisation – including sales, order management, and email reports.


Graphic, together with website design, are abilities that are part of the fundamentals of online marketing. The way an article, product detail page, or ad appears can have a huge impact on the message you want to deliver to your target audience.

Ecommerce marketing campaigns are intended to increase the profile of brands or to move customers in a specific purchasing journey. One of the main elements in getting people to make a purchase is to have trust.

A brand is essentially how customers perceive a certain offering they have in their minds. They may think that one brand represents luxury and quality while another offers affordability and value.

Each piece of creative content you put out – whether it is a Display ad campaign, brochure, or blog post – says something concerning your brand. If you have a less-than-stellar design that is not in line with the core messaging of your brand, it can affect how people view you and undermine many years of hard work.

The way your site, ads, and brand appears online is of utmost importance to succeed in ecommerce marketing. You don’t need to be an elite designer but you ideally want someone on your team who is, as well as having a good eye yourself.


Lastly, having the ability to write/understand code can turn out to be a huge advantage for ecommerce marketers today.

Such an ability may seem basic, especially when you just know how to do CSS and HTML, but it allows you to do a better job of publishing and tweaking content/pages on various platforms. If you are particularly skilled in development, you can even set up your own tools and reports for ecommerce marketing, as well as some forms of automation.

Experts estimate that almost half of all digital marketing jobs need at least some form of technical know-how. Such is the case since so much of what is happening online requires at least minimal understanding of how code works.

When you pick up coding as one of your ecommerce skills, you gain more control over how you market your organisation. Having more control is equivalent to having more chances of succeeding in ecommerce marketing.


Ecommerce marketers that want to stand out in today’s increasingly crowded marketplace need to start developing additional skills besides the fundamentals they already have.

If you want to keep sales coming for your brand and continue to be an asset, you have to start picking up new skills now.

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