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Nxt Level Ecommerce

The UK’s only dedicated marketing event for ecommerce businesses and brands.

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What is Nxt Level Ecommerce?

Join us for the only single track marketing event dedicated to ecommerce brands. NXT Level Ecommerce features leading speakers in digital marketing and business.

It’s our mission to give ecommerce marketers the knowledge and expertise they need to level up their knowledge and grow their organisation.

n one day, we’ll show you the latest digital marketing strategies you can deploy for your ecommerce brand immediately.

2020 is shaping up to be a challenge or opportunity. How will you respond?

The retail landscape in 2020 has shifted in ways we never expected at the start of the year. The effect of COVID-19 in pushing the UK into recession will continue to send ripples through the retail sector for months and years to come.

But from challenge comes opportunity. Many businesses will fall. Many businesses will thrive. How your ecommerce brand responds will set the trajectory of your business for the next few years and beyond.

In a post-COVID world, ecommerce has found a bigger role than ever. For those brands who want to step up, now is the time. And it’s through staying at the forefront of marketing to grow revenue, profit and marketing share.<

Will you become the next big ecommerce success story? Or will that fall to your competition?
Join us at NXT Level Ecommerce and discover how to level up your marketing, grow your customer base and own your category.
Join us at NXT Level Ecommerce and discover how to level up your marketing, grow your customer base and own your category.

NXT Level Ecommerce focuses on the latest strategies from every area of digital marketing



Discover how to stay ahead of Google algorithm changes, what to avoid when building SEO into your marketing strategy and how organic search has the power to elevate your ecommerce brand.


Paid Ads

In an environment of rising ad costs and diminishing results, where does the opportunity now lie with paid advertising for ecommerce brands? We’ll show you how to enhance existing campaigns and new strategies to unlock high-value traffic.


Email Marketing

GDPR threatened to kill email marketing – but it’s never been more effective. If you’re already running email campaigns or haven’t yet launched your first, discover strategies to convert and retain more customers.


CRO (Conversion rate optimisation)

Driving higher conversions is the bread and butter of ecommerce marketing, but some conversions produce higher returns than others. Our CRO session will show you what to focus on right now to get the results you’re aiming for.



Taking a step back from campaigns and tactics, how does your forward marketing strategy align with the trends and changes in the market over the coming 12 months to three years?

Why NXT Level Ecommerce is different from every other event you’ve attended

If you’ve been to every other retail or ecommerce event, you know how the script goes. Sure, you may leave with a ton of notes and feeling connected and inspired… but as soon as you head back into the business the following day or week, that feeling disappears.

The reason most of these events don’t produce lasting results is not the fault of the attendees. It’s how the events are structured. Look at it this way…

You don’t want an hour-long keynote on the future. You want to know what to do about it right now.

You don’t want to sit in a panel discussion on how social ads are changing. You want a plan you can put into action when you get back in the office on Monday.

You don’t want to sit through two or three days of presentations to find the gold. You want it condensed, distilled and handed to you so you get exactly what you need to know in a single day.

You don’t want to sit through two or three days of presentations to find the gold. You want it condensed, distilled and handed to you so you get exactly what you need to know in a single day.

At NXT Level Ecommerce, we’ve set ourselves the goal of being the most practical, actionable event you’ll attend. We know what we’re sharing works. We’re dedicated to delivering it in a way that guarantees you get the same results.

And who made the rule that retail summits couldn’t be fun?

Our goal is to move away from the dull, standing-on-stage-delivering-a-Powerpoint presentations you see at other retail events. Everything about this event will look and feel different.

And we’re hosting the whole event at a comedy club (we’re not joking…)

Seriously, we’re going to have a laugh.

If you needed any proof this is going to be a little different, we’re hosting NXT Level Ecommerce in a comedy club.

The Komedia on North Laine is one of Brighton’s most iconic venues, hosting some of the UK’s best comedy acts every week.

It’s also the perfect, intimate venue to bring together like-minded ecommerce marketers during the day. And it turns into our relaxed, networking venue for the evening.

Just no heckling, please.

Featured Speakers

Further speakers to be announced.


Daniel Priestley

Founder, Dent Global


Martin Hayman

Founder, Wild Sprout

Here are FIVE reasons to join us at NXT Level Ecommerce 2020

#1 Dedicated to ecommerce marketing

Stay in your seat all day. Get the full picture. NXT Level Ecommerce is a single-track event with everything covered. And everything is relevant to ecommerce marketers.

#2 Every session is relevant

Answers the question: “does this apply to my business?” with a big “YES”! No more wasting a whole day at an event just to only attend two or three relevant sessions. Everything at NXT Level Ecommerce is relevant to marketers in every ecommerce brand

#3 Unbeatable value for money

At £200 per ticket, NXT Level Ecommerce is a tiny investment to upgrade your knowledge in one day. Being here multiplies the effectiveness of your campaigns, gives you ideas to drive more business and helps you stop wasting marketing dollars. You’ll expect to make the whole cost back within days of attending the event.

#4 Actionable and practical

Sure, you’re going to leave with a ton of notes. But knowledge without action means nothing. Every session gives you actionable strategies to take back to the office the week after and use. Take quick action. Make an impact faster. Prove your ROI.

#5 Perfectly placed for Q4

Make everything work better in Q4 with the event in October. And spend the weekend in Brighton.

Who is this event for?

NXT Level Ecommerce is perfect for you if:

  • You’re a founder or owner of an ecommerce brand looking for marketing strategies and ideas to help you increase revenue and profits to fuel growth
  • You’re CEO or MD of an ecommerce brand looking to take your organisation to the next stage with the latest marketing strategies that are working right now
  • You’re an ecommerce marketer looking to level up your knowledge and become even better at your job
  • You head up an ecommerce marketing team and want to stay ahead of the curve, so you know what’s working right now
  • You’re looking to build an in-house marketing team for your ecommerce brand and need to know what you need to know
  • You’re looking to outsource your marketing function and want to get a steer on how best to do this while maintaining control

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Still not sure? Here’s a Recap.

  • The UK’s only single-track event, dedicated to ecommerce marketers
  • Focused on practical, actionable content you put in place immediately
  • Features leading experts in their field of digital marketing and business
  • Takes place on Friday 23rd October 2020 in Brighton
  • Hosted at Komedia comedy club
  • Networking in the same relaxed, intimate venue
  • Based in sunny, eclectic Brighton (perfect for the whole weekend)
  • Just £195 per person

Join us in Brighton for a full day of NXT Level training!

Our aim with NXT Level Ecommerce is to finally give marketing the focus that ecommerce marketing leaders and teams deserve. Marketing isn’t an afterthought. It’s the lifeblood of an ecommerce brand. Every ecommerce brand needs visibility, awareness and a path to purchase to succeed and grow.

When you join us in Brighton in October, we’ll show you how to level up your marketing strategies and campaigns to gain more traction and take the fight to the competition.

Join us and let’s get to work.


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